Genesis Whitmore (gen) wrote in anthroatkins,
Genesis Whitmore

New stuff!

Carb control Ice cream now comes in mint chocolate chip and butter pecan. It tastes exactly like the real thing too.

Progresso is catering to the low carb market as well, offering canned soup that is 7 carbs per serving. I haven't tried it yet, but it makes things awfully convenient.

Heinz makes a low carb ketchup that is comparable to the Ketch-a-Tomato low carb ketchup, with the added bonus that it's in a squeeze bottle! I loved Ketch-a-Tomato, but it was always a bother to try and get it out of the container.

Hershey now sells low carb Easter candy! I saw chocolate marshmallow eggs on the shelf just recently.

My local grocer, Publix, now sells low carb bread and sandwich rolls in the bakery. A whole rack of them to choose from. It continues to catch on!
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